The Access Control Experts

Residential & commercial ingress / egress control.

Biometrics, proximity readers, automatic gate barriers, visual deterrents (security gate/grill) intercom systems, telephone entry systems and more…

RLK’s professionals are experts at evaluating exactly what your access control needs are. We will analyze your facility or business areas, install tailored access controls, and train your personnel to operate these user-friendly systems.

Our product line allows you to choose almost any form of existing identification technology for access point recognition. Some of the options include swipe cards and/or keypads as well as more sophisticated readers such as proximity cards and state-of-the-art biometric readers for fingerprint, hand shape and/or facial recognition.

One door with a single card reader to 36 doors and 72 card readers with 20,000 users and up to 80,000 cards. We can design a system that will work for your needs.

Whatever your security needs are, RLK will provide the resources to help you reach your goals.